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Walk away unwanted fat, easy as 1-2-3!
Walk of Weight, Listen & Lose harnesses the awesome power of two incredible weight loss secrets
Secret 1: MusicSecret #1:Music

The power of music has been scientifically proven to help get your mind and body into motion: Women who walked and listened to music lost TWICE AS MUCH WEIGHT as women who didn't listen to music.

With Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose, you drop excess pounds quickly by listening to music and words specially chosen to move you along to a slimmer body ... flatter stomach ... shapelier legs ... and a firmer butt.

The music is combined with guidance from fitness expert Michele Stanten. She guides you through your entire routine. You know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. It couldn't be easier — or more effective!
Secret #2:Intervals

With walking intervals, you speed up for short periods (to work your muscles, raise your metabolism, and burn fat) and then slow down for a relaxing recovery period.

The basic principle dramatically changes how your body responds to walking. You'll burn more calories, burn THREE TIMES MORE FAT, and target problem areas like belly fat more effectively than ever before!

Scientific studies show the effectiveness of interval training. You'll effectively get the fat-burning results of a long, hard workout — but with routines that are as short as 20 minutes! But it gets even better: The more weight you need to lose, the more effective interval training is. So if you think you're too heavy to even start, this program will simply amaze you!
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3 Simple Steps to Your Best Body Ever!
Listen to your MP3 player for accelerated weight loss!
Slip on your MP3 player and head out the door or step onto your treadmill. Simply listen: You'll be guided through a 20-minute walk that rewards you with the fat-burning benefits of a much longer session. In one study, walkers who used this kind of walking routine lost nearly 6 TIMES THE FAT of regular walkers.
Shape and firm your body while you walk! Simply listen: You'll hear how a super-easy, revolutionary resistance band workout turns your daily walk into a body-sculpting total workout in just minutes. You may never need a gym again!
Double your weight loss by enjoying fabulous "forbidden" foods. Forget fad diets and sacrifice! Instead, focus on your favorite foods that feed your muscles and actually encourage increased weight loss! Plus you get expert tips to help you maximize your weight loss — faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible!
Walk of Weight!
Listen & Lose MP3 palyer comes preloaded with six walking programs!
Listen & Lose MP3 player comes preloaded with six walking programs!

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